Siddhendra Kuchipudi Art Academy Classes & Schedule

We Teach:

Kuchipudi - One of the five forms of classical dances from India.


Beginners - Students will be taught the basic fundamentals - aduvus (Basic steps)

Mid-level - Students will be re-trained in fundamentals - aduvus and Jathis. (jathi: places emphasis on footwork and is a combination of two or more adavus. The different jathi sets are tisra (three beats), chathusra (four), khanda (five), misra (seven) and sankeerna (nine).

Seniors - Students will be trained in Jatis and senior level items of abhinaya (expression) and nritta (pure dance).

Courses can be customized according to the student depending on their seniority and level of training.

For further information reagdring class schedule and locations or to enroll in the Siddhendra Kuchipudi Art Academy please contact us at (732) 429-2948 or email or